Bales’ kitchen, hall and bathroom remodeling job in Destin

Bill and Pat Bales’ gorgeous home is on the water, deep in the heart of Destin. Built 25, maybe 30 years ago, it has many charming features, including a beautiful, modern, newly remodeled kitchen. Dan Huntley and his crew of The House Doctor in Fort Walton Beach renovated the Bales’ kitchen, redid the hallway and renovated a bathroom, giving an old house a new lease on life. The work was completed in about three months.

The Bales, who own About Face Blinds, couldn’t be more pleased.  “His workers were unbelievable,” Mrs. Bales reports, “absolutely great. They came on time, they finished on time, they cleaned up as they went along. Dan is personable.His wife is personable. And they were easy to get ahold of. I had an office phone and a cell phone number. If they didn’t answer they called me back right away.”

In the Bales’ kitchen, Doctor Dan refinished the existing wood cabinets, originally a golden oak, “and made them a lovely color in the brown family.” He raised the countertops, replaced the tile and backsplash, and put in newappliances – redoing it, in Mrs. Bales’ words, “from one door to the other.”

“I just can’t say enough good things about them,” she says. “I am so pleased.”

If you love your house, your lot, or your neighborhood, but just wish you had a nicer kitchen, or bathroom, or family room, maybe it’s time for you to remodel, too.

The House Doctor, in business since 1981, specializes in remodeling, repairs and maintenance work. No job is too large or too small.

“We are a kitchen and bath remodeler but we also do home repairs,” Dan explains. “We do all sorts of exterior remodeling, such as siding repair, fixing soffit damage or enclosing a carport. As far as interior work, we can do anything, from moving load-bearing walls to, say, changing out the baseboards of refinishing your ceilings and walls.”

The House Doctor is licensed and insured and Dan stands behind his work. He is happy to provide references to potential clients. “We want you to be a customer for life, not just for one job,” is how he puts it.