Suarez bathroom, bedroom and kitchen remodel in Bluewater Bay

Jeff and Mercedes Suarez live in a 30-year-old house in Bluewater Bay that is getting a room-by-room, ceiling-to-floor facelift. Dan Huntley, of The House Doctor in Fort Walton Beach, is doing the remodeling work. And the couple couldn’t be more pleased.

“He does great work, is all I can say. From the carpenter to the tile guy to the electricians, he has put together a good group,” Jeff says. “They are very professional, they are polite, they show up on time and they clean up after themselves.”  “We’d recommend him to anyone,” Mercedes adds. “And I tell you what, I can’t wait until he gets started on my next project!”

With 30 years of experience under his belt, Dan Huntley is the locals’ go-to guy for home improvements. The House Doctor, in business since 1981, specializes in remodeling, repairs and maintenance work – no job is too large or too small.

“We are a kitchen and bath remodeler but we also do home repairs,” Dan explains. “We do all sorts of exterior remodeling, such as siding repair, fixing soffit damage, enclosing a carport. As far as interior work, we can do anything, from moving load-bearing walls to, say, changing out the baseboards or refinishing your ceilings and walls.”

The Suarezes initially hired Dan to remodel and modernize a bathroom and two bedrooms. Pleased with that work, they moved on to their kitchen, which in its original state was, in a word, ugly. “It was pretty bad,” Jeff recalls. “It was all dark wood and there was a lot of wasted space.” Jeff and Mercedes told Dan what they’d like their kitchen to look like. He took their suggestions, came up with a design and got to work. Now, Mercedes says, “Everything in the kitchen, from the ground up, is new. We are so pleased. We love it!”

The Suarez kitchen is now modern and airy, with beautiful granite countertops, light cabinets, plenty of storage and, as a centerpiece, an island on wheels, “so we can put it wherever we want it,” Mercedes says. The refrigerator was moved to a place that made better sense and a wet bar that extended into the kitchen from the living room was removed to make room for a much-needed pantry. The entrance doorway was widened and the windows and blinds replaced. Even the kitchen lighting and the baseboards were updated. “I knew I was going to be happy with it but this was ‘Wow!’” Mercedes says. “It was hard to visualize it early on but after it was done we were so very, very pleased.”

The House Doctor is licensed and insured, and Dan stands behind his work. He is happy to provide references to potential clients. “We want you to be a customer for life, not just for one job,” he says.