Customer Testimonials

I just can’t say enough good things about them.. I am so pleased.

– Pat Bales

Everything in the kitchen, from the ground up, is new.  I knew I was going to be happy with it but this was ‘WOW’!!

– Mercedes Suarez

It is gorgeous. Anything would have been an improvement, but it is just gorgeous. Working with them was great. Before it was over, it felt like they were family.

– Marcia Wright-Reynolds

The wall we needed to remove was a bearing wall and so we knew we needed to get a contractor to help us. We hired one that I have worked with for many years and couldn’t have been more pleased. (The House Doctor’s) workers began on a Monday and were finished with the renovation by Friday. Everyday, they arrived on time and cleaned up after themselves when they left. One day, they were going to be late and called us to let us know. The fact that they vacuumed and removed all the debris from the day’s work was really appreciated. It didn’t seem like such a mess. We are thrilled with the result and the inconvenience in comparison to the new look we have achieved. If you are considering any future renovations to your home, definitely hire a licensed contractor that can be recommended by someone you know or who’s work you are familiar with. We had consulted with another contractor but I was more comfortable and familiar with (The House Doctor).

– Carol Stearns

I looked at the superstores and got the information I wanted, but they couldn’t give me the personal attention I wanted. The superstores could only deliver the package. Dan delivers both design and implementation. I totally trust anything they do. They’re really clean. If there was anything wrong with something, they fix it before they even tell you so it doesn’t become your problem. They’re almost like your friends.

– Tina Goodman